Powerloader released

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Flyware has released a new version of Powerloader. The new version of Powerloader is a major upgrade and works with the latest version of eLoadsheet.

Powerloader is developed using industry standards from end to end and provides a flexible, dynamic solution for operators of all shapes and sizes. Powerloader and eLoadsheet have much in common. They both share the same aircraft database and user management and both rely on the same calculation engine – install the aircrarft in one place and use it in both systems. Powerloader was first released 17 years ago and is being used by aproximately 70% of Flyware´s customer base worldwide. Powerloader can be used as a standalone system for load control, it can be used as a secondary tool where network connection is limited and it can be used in the cockpit. Another major benefit is using Powerloader as a backup system for eLoadsheet. If internet connection fails you can be up and running with Powerloader instantly because all aircraft are available in both systems.

On/Offline capabilities
Powerloader has on/offline capabilities with a complete synchronization service – Powerloader checks periodically if an internet connection is available and synchronizes the aircarft database from eLoadsheet. Powerloader also uploads completed loadsheets to eLoadsheet.

Centralized control
The aircraft database and user management is centralized for Powerloader and eLoadsheet.

Powerloader as a primary system
Powerloader can be used as a standalone primary system.

Powerloader as a secondary/backup system
Powerloader can be used as a secondary/backup system.


EFB capabilities
Powerloader can be used as an EFB solution.

Documentation and further information can be seen here.

Powerloader can be downloaded here.