Products and Services

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Flyware´s versatile weight and balance solution supports all the scenarios needed to complete the weight and balance process. Flyware developes two seperate products, the eLoadsheet and the Powerloader. Depending on the load control process and the preference, one or both can be used to support the requirements.

Powerloader is a Windows application and can be deployed as a standalone solution, in an EFB configuration, as a backup system or in conjuction with eLoadsheet. eLoadsheet maintains the aircraft information in a databaser and Powerloader is synchronized against that same data. Managing the aircraft data is done in one place for both eLoadsheet and Powerloader. eLoadsheet is an online weight and balance system available in a Flyware hosted environment or in customers environment. eLoadsheet supports the latest web browsers and has extensive set of interfaces that can be used to integrate with present systems, and it can also be used as a standalone ad-hoc weigth and balance solution.  

Flyware also makes a special variation of eLoadsheet and Powerloader for Business Aviation, Cargo and Military.

eLoadsheet and Powerloader are built on 16 years of experience of providing software and services to the airline industry. The loadsheets produced by eLoadsheet and Powerloader are fully IATA, EASA JAR and CASA compliant, ensuring that all standards are fully met.