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Array of weight and balancer services published to allow 3rd party interfaces to communicate with the service layer.  Published using Windows Communication Framework enabling communication with standard such as SOAP, Web Services and others. Interfaces to data and information on flights, passengers and cargo accelerate the aircraft handling process and any manually input data is thoroughly validated.


Dispatch Control Interface (DCS)
The DCS Interface is the gateway for a third party checkin system to communicate with eLoadsheet. This interface exposes functions and business logic in the DCS Services component in the LCS layer.

Load Control Interface
The Load Control Interface exposes functions for a user interface to communicate with the Load Control engine. The Load Control Interface calls function in relevant components in the Load Control Services layer.

UI Support Services Interface
The UI Support Services Interface exposes function for a user interface to gain access to helper functions in both the Data Access Layer and the Load Control Services Layer.

Aircraft Data Records (AHM-560) maintenance Services Interface
The Aircraft Data records (AHM-560) maintenance Services Interface allows the AHM-560 maintenance part of a user interface to communicate with AHM-560 maintenance component in the load Control Services Layer.