Communication and Messages

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The Output Generation component in the Load Control Service Layer is responsible for generating the various messages and documents for printing and sending as a part of the Load Control Process. The component has access to all the data that is processed in the Load Control process and once triggered the relevant data is extracted and an XML output is generated on from the data.

Message Output

The output messages and documents are exposed in the Load Control Service WCF Services from where they are dispatched through a message gateway. The system may be configured to use whatever message gateway is desired such as Sita, email Arinc, fax and etc.

Output is XML based and therefore very flexible in terms of format. The Load Control WCF services are a part of the ICD for the system and the message transport can be tightly integrated or collected on an ad hoc basis.

Output generation is a part of the Load Control Service layer and the scalability principles already mentioned apply to the process. The message generation architecture can support large volumes of transactions.

Message type requirements can be accommodates as all the data accompanying the Flights is available to the Output Generation Component. Furthermore, the output is XML based and any kind of specific format is easily accommodated.