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On/Offline capabilities
Powerloader is an on/offline desktop weight and balance solution. Powerloader uses a local database for all aircraft data manipulation and calculation. The database automatically synchronises with a master aircraft database through an internet connection or other offline media such as a USB stick.

Desktop client
Powerloader is a weight and balance system for aircraft that runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Powerloader is founded on a database and can use an internet connection or other media (USB stick, floppy disk etc.) to update aircraft information from a master database (Powerloader does not require a constant internet connection). All information is displayed in an easy-to-read manner on the screen so that users do not need to navigate between many dialog boxes to perform all tasks. Passengers are distributed in the cabin using the seating. You will see an instant index change when each passenger is seated. Powerloader is especially practical for cargo operators, it can be used in the cockpit by the pilots themselves, thus eliminating the need for a special loadmaster.

Integrated with eLoadsheet
Powerloader can be used in conjunction with eLoadsheet. Since Powerloader does not require a constant internet connection it can be used in off-line situations, such as on board the airplane or in rural areas where internet connections are not reliable. eLoadsheet.net, the on-line system, can share a master database with Powerloader, making the systems completely integrated.