Product and License information

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License Metric
eLoadsheet and Powerloader share a common license metric that reflects the usage of the systems. The number of tailnumbers is the metric we use to calculate the license cost of both eLoadsheet and Powerloader and we feel it is the most optimal way of providing our software and match the cost to the usage. There are specific scenarios where this does not fit and other means are needed to match the usage like in the case of ground handlers where the number of aircrafts installed does not reflect the usage of the system.

Server License
Access to Flyware´s Data Center does not expose customers to any license requirements. For local installations or in case there are requirements for hosting a dedicated environment for customer, there will be license requirements the customer needs to fulfill.

In general, an installation of eLoadsheet requires commercial software. A Windows 2003/2008 server license is needed and an Oracle Database license. The metrics and quantity depends on the usage and we can assist in optimising an economical license specification. Any version (Standard One, Standard and Enterprise) of Oracle 10G and later is supported.

Powerloader installations do not require any commercial licenses.