Free trial access

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Sign up for a trial access to both Powerloader and eLoadsheet, its quick and easy and we will send you all the information you need. 

To start, sign up for a demo account by clicking this Registration link. Fill out the relevant information and we will send you the following: 

  1. Email confirmation of the trial access with the required user name and password and the link to eLoadsheet.
  2. A Registration code which is needed to register Powerloader.  

The demo account will grant you access to eLoadsheet and Powerloader for demonstration purposes using for example a A340, B737-800 and a B747 freighter.

Download  Powerloader

Download the latest version of Powerloader from this location or point your browser to: To start using Powerloader follow these steps:

  1. Acquire a valid eLoadsheet user name and password AND a valid Registration key - all of which are in the email confirmation after the Trial Access setup.
  2. Install Powerloader.
  3. Launch Powerloader.
  4. Type in the Registration key, user name and password and Register
  5. Powerloader will try to authenticate the user based on the supplied credentials and authorize the Registration key against eLoadsheet.
  6. If registration is successful, Powerloader will download all available aircraft and configuration from eLoadsheet.
  7. Start using Powerloader.